Want More Clicks in Google? Don’t Rank #1

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Many clients allocate the bulk of their ad spend budgets to online media.  This galvanization brought on by heavy investing into Google’s Adwords platform has turned clicks into sales.
A new study by Internet research firm Miratech shows some eye brow raising data. Many PPC experts have thought that bidding to get the coveted 1st sponsored link was the way to guarantee the most clicks. Turns out the best spot for sponsored ads is #2. The results of the study reveal that when two sponsored listing are shown users look at the second results for around one second while the top result receives less than 0.8 seconds of attention.


What’s This Mean?

This shows without a doubt that Google users are used to seeing Google’s organic results in the order they are arranged. The first result is looked at 1.6 times more than the second result.

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