Top 6 Advanced Google Search Operators and Tips

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Advanced Google Search Operators

Searching in Google has become second nature for most people. They know how to Google search using their cell phones, computers and now Ipad but did you know there is an advanced way to search in Google?  Grab your phone, computer whatever you have to because I’m about to tell you the top 6 advanced Google search operators. Watch the video below and pick which search tips you want to learn by clicking on them in the video.


advanced google search operators

Advanced Google Search Operators

WARNING! These Google search tips might make finding information a lot faster and you could get addicted.  You’ve been warned. Here are the best Google search operators you must know.

1) Cache: When you type this Google search option into the search field Google will show you the last copy of whatever site you look up with it Pretty useful if a site you go to has changed and you want to know what it looked like the last time it was cached

2) Site: This Google search operator is used if you want to just limit a search to a specific site. You would type and Google will only show results from that particular website

3) Allinurl: This Google search option limits the search results to only those that have whatever the term you attach to it. For example, (allinurl: “David Ewing is the Best SEO” would only show pages that have “David Ewing is the best SEO” in the url)

4) Allintitle: This Google search operator is similar to the allinurl: command but limits the results to where the keyword is in the title tag.

5) +: The plus sign isn’t just for nerdy accountants. No sir this wicked cool Google search hack when placed in front of a word tell Google to search for exactly that term and not to include synonyms

6) -: The minus sign is also very useful for filtering results.  It can be used with specific words (Dallas –Cowboys –Mavericks will show you results for “Dallas” that do not contain the words Cowboys  or Mavericks) And if you’re Lebron James you might want to memorize and, tattoo the -: Google search operator so you never see the boys in blue. OK. Ok. Maybe a little harsh but hey, I’m from Dallas.

There you have it. While this is not the full list of Google search operators these are just the best ones. If you’re feeling smart take the quiz below and comment on what your favorite is?

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