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What is Local SEO?

Ever heard of the local SEO magic formula? Do you want to reach local SEO goldmines? Then site back, grab a pen and we are going to show you some local seo magic.

The best local seo strategies do not come from some random local seo checklist. If you want your business to be competitive in the search engines and rake in the local seo profits there are a several critical areas that have to be addressed.  Ewing Enterprise is recognized as a local seo company leader for local seo work. We have accreditation from fortune 500 companies across the United States and Europe. This opportunity has shown us several lucrative areas that local companies can use to earn 500% returns on advertising investments.

Starting on local seo ranking factors requires a few basics to dominate local seo. Top 4 action items you can get started on right now are:

Set up Google Local SEO
Register / Claim your Google Places Listing/ Bing
Make sure your physical address is on every page of your site
Register with Yellow pages directory for long tail keywords and if you have less than 3 employees

Local SEO Internet Marketing

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Local seo solutions are a click away. Click on the pdf image above to get our local seo guide with the local seo magic formula or click -> local seo magic formula