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Link Building Packages

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Links from other sites are like votes. Links from websites with trust, authority and rankings will positively affect the way search engines position your site. Obtaining back links is perhaps the hardest and most crucial aspect of marketing any website.

Here is why you should be working with We Build Pages to satisfy your SEO Link Building needs:

  • Our links are MORE POWERFUL than our competitors – there is NO comparison.
  • There is no long-term contract. The burden is on us to perform, in order to retain you as a client.
  • We offer full transparency with detailed reports that are updated regularly.
  • Our Link Builders (aka Link Ninjas) are highly trained and focused on delivering the best ROI.
  • We offer a variety of packages to meet your marketing and budgetary needs.
  • We can identify the perfect keyword phrases and biggest opportunities for you to dominate your preferred market niche.

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Link Building Packages *Small
Total Price $1,000
First Month
$2,500 Per Month $5,000 Per Month $10,000 Per Month $20,000 Per Month
*Guaranteed Links 10 10 20 40 80
Displays current rankings for keywords in your industry so that you may identify keywords that are not performing to their potential and better optimize your website for them.

Keyword Tracking

Displays search volume and competition for keywords in your industry so that you may identify the best keywords to optimize your website for.

Keyword Analysis

Identifies 10 of your top competitors and displays their current PageRank, indexed pages in Google, and rankings.

Competitor Tracking

Shows phrases, search volume, and competition for phrases being bid on in PPC in your industry to help you identify the top money-making phrases for your website.

Adwords Tracking

Provides additional keyword ideas and search volume from Wordtracker.

Wordtracker Analysis

Displays the backlinks to your website, with detailed information about their source and the anchor text being used.

Backlink Analysis

Checks the availability and mention of your brand news across social media websites.

Social Media Monitor

Gives your current rankings for a variety of keywords, and lets you compare those rankings to those of your competitors.

SERP Tracker

Shows your rankings for specific keywords over time.

Rankings Tracker

Shows your Google Analytics data over time.

Analytics Analysis

A review of your current blogging campaign with recommendations on how to better optimize your blog and further your reach.

Blog Review

Looks at the structure, coding, and content of your website and offers specific recommendations on improvements that can be made.

Design Analysis

Reviews the existing content on your website that has the potential to attract backlinks from authority sites. If there is a lack of such content, it will be provided to you.

Linkable Content

A check to make sure the correct URL version of your website is being indexed by Google.

Canonicalization Analysis

Looks at how people are reaching your website and includes a review of the top referring search phrases and website URLs.

Traffic Status Review

Your report includes number of backlinks, .edu links and creation date.

  • Keyword Tracking
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competitor Tracking
  • AdWords Tracking
  • Wordtracker Analysis
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Social Media Monitor
  • SERP Tracker
  • Rankings Tracker
  • Analytics Analysis
  • Blog Review
  • Interlinking Plan
  • Linkable Content
  • Canonicalization Analysis
  • Traffic Status Review
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Client Updatable Reporting

Monthly Report

Allows clients to add and remove keywords, pages, and competitors to track.

Client Updatable Reporting

Displays the pages on your website that are ranking in the top 100 results in Google for phrases that people are spending money on in PPC, and offers suggestions on how to improve those current rankings in the natural SERPs for the “money phrases”.

Organic Keyword Review

Checks to make sure you website is W3C compliant and offers specific changes to your website that need to be made to meet the criteria.

W3C Validation Review

Looks for any additional content on your website that has the potential to bring in backlinks naturally over time.

LinkBait Review

Discusses ways to optimize RSS feeds for SEO.

RSS Review

Our monthly link building includes 10 links per month for every $2,500 spent.

Link Building

Creates sets of unique internal links to add across your website. Helps optimize your internal linking and significantly improve your traffic and rankings for long-tail search phrases.

Web Page Interlinking Plan

Provides you with original content written specifically for you to attract trusted backlinks in your community.

Create Linkable Content

Looks at websites you are linking out to and suggests websites to add or remove from that list.

Forward Linking Review

Total Price $1,000
First Month
$2,500 Per Month $5,000 Per Month $10,000 Per Month $20,000 Per Month
* Small Business Trial Package – Just $1,000 the first month with no obligation to continue! (New Clients Only)
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Step 1: Perform a Website Analysis

The initial analysis will evaluate your site looking at your content, a few crucial on page factors, and the existing back links to the site. This abbreviated analysis, or Website Evaluation, will give us insights into what your site needs the most, and allow us to determine the best course of action for your future.

Step 2: Develop a Strategy

An effective SEO link building program gives you the biggest bang for your SEO buck. We Build Pages is recognized as the premier SEO link building company in the world. We employ an ethical approach to link building, fully compliant with the major Search Engine guidelines. Our proprietary method is both revolutionary and highly effective. Getting the right backlinks can result in better visibility and increased traffic to your Web site.

Step 3: Execute the Campaign

Using our own custom built Web Crawler, we identify the most relevant websites when building links. Next, our team of link builders offers a compelling reason for webmasters to link to your site. This could be some great existing content, targeted web content that was created for the campaign, or a really cool widget.

Link Building Services

Link building is the very foundation of SEO. Even if your website has terrific content, killer graphics, and the latest shopping cart, it won’t get any traffic without relevant one way backlinks. Getting these links can be a very arduous, labor intense and difficult task.

Because of this, many link popularity schemes have evolved on the Internet. These include paid links, mass directory submissions, paid blog reviews, automated 3 way and reciprocal linking gimmicks, blog networks and more.

Webmasters that participate in these schemes are breaking the webmaster guidelines established by the top Search Engine and exposing themselves to the risk of a penalty or delisting of their site. If you don’t mind having your website removed from the search engines, then feel free to cut corners. If you intend to hang around for the long term, don’t do it.

When it comes time to choose a link building company, consider the following:

  1. Link Relevance: Relevance is everything. Stay away from companies that promise links from “high PR sites” with no pertinence to your own. This red flag is easy for Search Engines to spot and you could find yourself penalized.
  2. Link Quality: All links are not created equal. Directory links, reciprocal links and 3 way links may have been effective a few years ago, but now they carry little, if any, weight. These methods of link building deliver marginal results, if any, at all. An unnaturally high percentage of reciprocal links can trip a Search Engine filter.
  3. Blog Links: Thanks to WordPress, it’s easy for anyone to publish a blog – or a blog network. Many networks have been created for the sole purpose of selling links within phony reviews. These networks are easy for the search engines to spot and those buying reviews with links are often penalized.
  4. Lazy Links: Links from spammy link pages, blog comment links, forum signature links, and wiki links all fall into the category of lazy links. Anyone can get them and they are valued accordingly.
  5. Paid Links: The fastest way to page one is through paid links. The harshest penalties are also reserved for those who purchase links. Whether links are purchased privately or through a broker, once your site has been identified as a link buyer, you will be out of the top search positions for several months or longer.

Effective link building is the single most important activity for achieving higher search engine rankings. If you hire us for link building services, we focus on getting high value one-way links from authority sites, related sites and industry leading websites. Our most popular link building program is our match link to content program. Each month, we create resourceful targeted content for your website. This content attracts high value sites giving them reason to link to your site.

Read more about our link building packages, below.

Match Link building to Content

We Build Pages has created a powerful suite of tools designed specifically for link building. These tools allow us to scour the web for related websites that match a certain profile. Once a series of websites have been identified, we create content that is specifically targeted to those websites. Once the content is published, the profiled sites are alerted to the content and they gladly link to this resource on your site. These are related and permanent one-way links from high value websites, including colleges, universities and other well-known organizations.

Custom Link Building Program

First, we perform an analysis of your top 10 competitors’ back links. If these links had a positive impact on their rankings, it is reasonable to assume that they will help your site also. Armed with this data, we develop a plan to review these links and then sort the high value links from the rest. After filtering the results, we develop then execute a link building program that is designed to acquire links. These permanent one-way links can have a significant impact on both your rankings and traffic.