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Monday November 8,2010

Screen Shot of Current Ranking for the Phrase “Limousine Service in Dallas”

Tuesday November 9, 2010

  • Checked to see where was ranked for the phrase “limousine service in Dallas”  and it is still on page 30
  • When I was looking at the pages before it I found Ewing Enterprise’s case study (image shown below) on page 19

I suspect that is in  Google’s sandbox because there is no way that there are 29 pages of more relevant sites.  I have included a snapshot of the current backlinks that Google is showing in webmaster tools for the site Limousine service in Dallas

Wednesday November 10, 2010

I added Limousine Service in Dallas to the major search engine’s local listings – This is paramount as local search is likely to drive the majority of our traffic. These are the most important places to submit:

** I had to make a review on Yelp to get Limousine Service in Dallas listed because it said that it didn’t recognize the address**

Created Directory listing for


seo services

November 16, 2010

A search for “limousines service in dallas” brought up some surprising results. 1) this case study still ranks before  on page 18 . 2) The Yelp review I added, November 10, shows up on the 1st page for the phrase limousine service in dallas under images. Webmaster tools shows: 237 total links ,9 urls in the web index & only 2 of the 8 ezine articles have been crawled.

seo services has moved from page 30 to page 27 for the exact phrase limousine service in dallas.

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