Image SEO Basics

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Image SEO Basics

1.       Alt Text

2.       Filename

3.       Surrounding text

4.       Inbound Links

5.       Human Categorization

Alt TextAlt text is the text that you choose for an image in case it cannot be displayed. This happens for a number of reasons including the path for the image is not valid or the user is using a program that can’t display images.

Filename – This follows the same principle as alt text. The filename is information that you give to the search engines and to various technologies.  Alt text tends to be a more clear signal than a filename .

Surrounding Text- Most people don’t even think about this when they’re thinking image SEO. But being the smarter than your competition your staying ahead and learning with Ewing Enterprise. J

Inbound Links – This isn’t to be confused with linking to the image. Inbound links going to the page itself increase the relevance of the page and in turn affect the image relevancy on page.

Human Categorization – In the beginning Google & other search engines used humans to “label images”. Google even created a game out of it.

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