Google Is No Longer A Search Provider…

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google-girlYes. It’s true but before you have a heart attack and run to your Gmail account this only applies to China. The Chinese portal Sina dropped Google as a search provider. During January 2010 Google stopped censoring results in China before they eventually just pulled out all together. According to the, Wall Street Journal report, Sina is dropping Google so they can use their own search service.

Oh I’m sure that the Chinese government will show only the most relevant search results and their goal will be to provide the highest user experience.  If my sarcasm isn’t reeking just yet China has historically censored and abused its people and that doesn’t make me confident in their ability to provide unbiased results

Last November, Charles Chao, CEO of Sina, was searching for other search alternative to Google.

Now you might be wondering why is this coming out now?

Well, Google entered into syndication contracts with various Chinese web portals. When the terms of the contract were fulfilled, Google chose to stop censoring the results, as it did on it’s main site in China.

Several Google higher ups are not commenting on the contract with Sina just spewing the same “promise to not provide censored search results to their syndicated partners in China after the terms of their original agreements had been fulfilled.”


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