Experiment in Google Trends

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Experiment using Google Trends & Google Realtime to Rank

google trends

At the Ewing Enterprise office we took a look in Google Trends and noticed that in the “Hot Searches” “qwop game” and “play qwop” were trending and it was on an upswing. We made an optimized blog post and an exact phrase match Youtube video and published it. We want to see what correlations we can make from what Google shows in Google real-time based off their QDF (query deserves freshness) algorithm.

We built an SEO optimized page for the phrase “play Qwop Game” after we noticed it was trending in Google at 9:30 PM
We built a You Tube video with an exact match meta description and title for the phrase QWOP and the linked the video to our post
Shared on Facebook & Twitter using hash tags around the QWOP phrase

SEO Optimized Page (QWOP Game)

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