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Monday November 8,2010

  • Changed Title Tag to ” Limousine Service in Dallas”
  • Changed alt text for 3 images on index page (limousine service in Dallas)
  • Changed Slide Show text to “Limousine Service in Dallas” from “Dallas Limousine Service”
  • Changed meta description to include the phrase “limousine service in Dallas”

Screen Shot of Current Ranking for the Phrase “Limousine Service in Dallas”

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Tuesday November 9,2010

I checked to see where captain limousines was ranked for the phrase  “limousine service in Dallas” & to my shock Google had re crawled the page and reidexed the updated title tag from Mondays update. Im a little more than disappointed because changing the 3 images alt text and adding extra text with the phrase targeted on it only moved captain limo up to #13 from #14.

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Tuesday November 16, 2010

What happened? Not only are there 4 less total links, in Google, but from making the changes on November 8th there has been a  HUGE drop in rankings for the 3 listed keywords. When I chagned the title tag to “limousine service in Dallas” it lowered my ranking for that phrase! So far the 10 blogs that I started  and the posts on those blogs havent been indexed and the backlinks  do not show up in webmaster tools yet
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December 6, 2010

There is some interesting take away from the recent keyword rankings . Watch the video below to see what we are excited about


December 21, 2010

I noticed that of all the phrases that Captain Limousines is targeting only one is on the 1st page. We rank the highest for the search query “DFW limo” . It only has 480 exact match searches per month but a #1 ranking with only a 10% conversion would bring an additional 12k per month (480 total searches / 50% for #1 ranking. 10% of 240 times $500 avg limo price = 12K.

December 27, 2010

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January 10, 2011